Key person role

Your child is allocated a key person when you accept your child's place at Rainbows End.  A key person will have an indepth knowledge of your child's development and will work with your child to create a record of their learning in a journal.  A journal is a record of their time at pre-school from the minute they first walk through the doors.  The key person makes observations and gathers information about your child's needs, activities, interests and achievements.This information assists the key person  to identify your child's stages of development.  You and your key person will then devise plans to help your child move on to the next stage in their development.  
Your child’s learning journal is recorded on our online learning journal called Tapestry which is available for you to view at any time, enabling you to see your child's progression at pre-school.


When your child leaves Rainbows End, a transistion form will be passed on to the nursery teacher of your chosen school, and the learning journal will be emailed to you in a PDF format giving you a special keepsake of your child's time at Rainbows End Pre-school. 


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