How do I apply for a place?

Come and have a look round and then complete a registration form. You can find more details here

Am I entitled to goverment funding?

There are two types of government funding the first is for 2 year olds. The criteria for this funding can be found here. If you are entitled you will recieve this the term after your child is 2. The second is 3 and 4 year old funding all children are entilited to this funding and will recieve this the term after they turn 3 or 4. 

How do I apply for funding?

For the 3 and 4 years old funding you will need to show us your childs birth certificate and we will do the rest.


For the 2 year old funding you will need to check to see if you are eligiable, you can find more details in hoe to do this here

Is Rainbows End Pre-school a registared charity?

Yes our charity number is 302349

What is a key person?

A Key Person is a practitioner who will spend time getting to know you and your child during the settle in sessions. They will complete observations on your child, using these to inform the next steps in their development. Your child's key person will create a learning journey for your child with all their achievemnets in. Your child will also have a Co key person who will work closely with your child's key person and will always be on hand if your child's key person is away. You can find our Key person policy here

What if my child is ill?

Please contact us on 01438 355458 either before the session or during the session.

How do i know when the nursery is closed?

If we are closed due to unforeseen circumstances we will post a message on the website, facebook page and via email. Term dates can be found here


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Please click here to see if you are eligible for 30 hours childcare funding.


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